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Bee & Wasp Removal Rochester NYIf you’ve read the section on yellowjackets, you know that honeybees are similar in color, but have a dense tan fur on their bodies and hairy legs that are used to carry pollen.

Most of the these bees that you will incur are called “field bees.” These are the bees responsible for collecting nectar, pollen, water and certain sticky plant resins used in hive construction.

Also different from yellowjackets, honeybees have barbed stingers. When they sting, the barbs grab hold of the skin, and rips from the bee’s abdomen, thus, killing the bee. This is a painful and rather useless method of identification, but good to know nevertheless.


The best preventative measure you can take against bees is to have your house sprayed in the early spring. Our company creates a protective barrier with the top-quality product “Demand CS.”

The best indicator of a nest in the siding of your home is to look for an in-and-out pattern (bees going in, bees flying out). Call us if you see this happening. A nest that is left untreated can result in the bees chewing through the drywall and entering the inside of the house.

IMPORTANT: If you see a wet spot on the ceiling or the wall or hear a distinct buzzing within your home, call us immediately. These indicators tell me the bees are using the drywall to make their nest and are very close to breaking through. Call 334-3880.

You May Not Have Known…

Most of us are afraid of bees because we feel they’re out to get us. This isn’t true. Typically, they will not sting unless they feel something is threatening their babies or honey.

You may have walked by a hive and been surprised to not have been attacked. This is most likely because the bees are in the process of building their hive. Because they have nothing to defend, they have no reason to be aggressive.

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