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Where to Look...

Carpenter Ants need water to survive. Start by checking your kitchen and bathrooms — these are major sources of water. You may even find them in your dishwasher.

If your home has incurred any water damage (such as leaks) check those areas as well. Carpenter ants will make their nests in moist wood and voids. Don’t forget to check your windows!

Try to locate the source of the colony. Inspect mulch, trees (near or touching the house), and firewood stored inside or outside. Colonies are often carried into structures by catching a ride in the wood.

Look for pathways. Phone and cable lines that run near or are touching branches serve as highways for Carpenter ants. Branches that are touching your home provide a similar service.

Carpenter ants crawling around on wood

General Indicators…

Do you hear crunching noises at night? Carpenter ants are nocturnal. Your best chance to pick up any clues would be to listen for their movements at night when the house is quiet.

Sawdust? You’re not crazy. You definitely cleaned the pile of sawdust. The sawdust is reappearing because you’re experiencing a prime indicator of a carpenter ant infestation.

A pile of dust caused by carpenter antsIf ants are now flying about your home, you don’t need us to tell you you have a problem. The ants are flying because they are reproducing. These are usually seen during the spring or summer time.

Ant Control Rochester NY: A carpenter ant infestation is no simple matter to take care of by yourself. If you don’t know where to look, solving the problem is difficult at best. Leave this task to the professionals with the experience and a written guarantee!

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