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House Flies Rochester NYProbably the most common — and maybe the most persistent — pest of all. There’s not much to house flies aside from their annoying behavior and their disease-spreading abilities. Well, there is more, but unless you’re a fly enthusiast, you don’t care and just want to know how to get rid of them. So, without further ado…

How to Control…

Sanitation. Sanitation. Sanitation. This means to remove all decaying organic materials (take out your garbage!), making sure garbage cans inside have tight lids, and proper drainage inside and around your house will reduce moisture. All of these precautions will limit breeding areas. Killing adults will reduce breeding, but eggs will mature over time, meaning, you’ll still have a problem.

The above is the best way to keep your house fly problems to a minimum. Obviously, they sneak in now and then, but the problem doesn’t have to grow.

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