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Yellow Jackets Rochester NYYellow Jackets are aptly named for their black and yellow (although some are black and white) color, and are sometimes confused with honey bees for this reason. Yellow jackets can be distinguished from honey bees by their lack of brown dense hair that gives the honey bee a furry appearance.

Where to look…

Yellow jackets are in the family of social wasps. They live in colonies of thousands and build papery nests made of chewed-up fibers. Yellow jackets can be found in shrubs, trees, and in the ground (another reason it’s wise to protect your feet while outdoors), but we most commonly find them in protected areas around our homes, i.e., attics, hollow walls or flooring, in sheds, under porches and eaves of the house.

For your safety…

Unlike honey bees, yellow jackets have no barbs on their stingers. The absence of the barbs allows yellow jackets to sting repeatedly — and they will do so as they aggresively defend their nests. Yellow jackets also bite as they sting. When you encounter one, brush it away. Do not swat; swatting only increases your chances of being stung. If you find yourself near a nest of yellow jackets and in danger, do all that you can NOT to kill any. A dying yellow jacket releases pheromones that alarm others to come to its aid. In as quickly as 15 seconds you could have yellow jackets in a 15 meter radius swarming you. If you find yourself in this situation, run away from the nest and then dispatch of any individuals attached to you. Then, call us. We’ll take it from there.

IMPORTANT: If you see a wet spot on the ceiling or the wall or hear a distinct buzzing within your home, call us immediately. These indicators mean the yellow jackets are using the dry wall to make their nest and are very close to breaking through.

Other useful information…

Yellow jackets are attracted to food odors such as fruit and soft drinks. They’re also attracted to perfumes, cosmetics, hairsprays, and sun tan lotions.

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